After more than 10 years of private culinary experience and thousands of successful events, Davis Culinary Creations sets the standard as great personal chefs. We specialize in catering small and large parties.  At Davis Culinary Creations we believe in preparing nutrient-dense meals using fresh, local, whole foods. We provide health-conscious meals for our clients. Menus are custom-designed to meet any dietary restriction and food allergy to provide meals that will benefit your lifestyle. As a company we also provide menu planning and tips towards a healthy new you. We also have Vegan, Vegetarian, Low-Carb and Paleo options available.


As a person that struggled with weight, I found that not just eating the right foods but also making them taste good was important. Davis Culinary Creation sets itself apart by mixing creative thinking and colorful ideas with the finest ingredients. We can prepare food that will satisfy all of your culinary needs.Choose an All American Meal or  from one of our special meals:  Vegan and Vegetatarian. We are here for you and what you need.